Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tribute to Paris

For Paris

The Berry 5th graders recently completed a watercolor/sillhouette project dedicated to the people of Paris, France in response to the November 13th terrorist attacks.  I wanted to allow the students to speak about this tragic event through their own visual art. It is difficult to understand why things like this happen and sometimes it is easier to make art about how we feel than it is to talk about it, and this can help us heal.  
This project idea came from the blog by wonderful art teacher and blogger extraordinaire,  Cassie Stephens.  Thanks, Cassie!  
We started out by learning some French words and wrote them on white paper.  I selected a list of words that surrounded the topic of surviving a tragedy and that were uplifting. The words were provided for the students to copy in French.  The students painted their backgrounds with liquid watercolors.  The colors of these paints are very vibrant, and the students were required to use either cool or warm colors.  We sprinkled salt on the wet paint and when it dried the salt crystalized, creating a beautiful effect.

The next step was to cut out our silhouettes.  There were three parts to this:  the Paris skyline, a monument and something in the sky.  I gave the students a choice between the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffle Tower. They also had a choice of what to make in the sky.  
The flag gives this one a feeling of majesty. 
I gave the students a demonstration for folding the paper and drawing half of the object and cutting it with the paper folded.  This way they get a symmetrical design.  This technique was used for the Eiffle Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Paris skyline and the hot air balloon.  
I love the reflection here!  

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