Thursday, January 29, 2015

Metal Tooling, Notan, Native American Dwelling Prints, Chinese Calligraphy, and Clay Clay Clay!

The following are projects that the students of Berry Intermediate have been working on. Currently, the entire school is working in clay and this has been going on since a week or two after Christmas.  Sixth graders are making shelf sitters, animals that sit with bead/wire legs.  See this post from last school year.  The fifth graders have been making Chinese New Year clay medallions with Chinese Calligraphy.  First take a look at some of the projects that the students have recently finished.

Metal Tooling by 6th Grade

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Notan: Chinese Paper Cut Designs by 6th Grade

Native American Dwelling Prints by 5th Grade

Up to my Ears in Clay

Glazing Chinese New Year Medallions with Chinese Calligraphy, 5th Grade