Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Dot

This project came from the blog Drip Drip Splatter Splash.  I wanted to do this in September for International Dot Day but we were busy back then.  I thought this would be a fun one day project with next week being the last week of school.  I read the students the book (even the 6th graders are quiet with awe), The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, and then we paint our own dots!  I provided circle stencils for students to trace the dot and they painted with tempera cakes.  Too much fun!  

Torn Paper Op Art

This is a fun, simple project that the fifth and sixth graders completed in one or two class periods.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  I was not able to locate the blog that had this project so if anyone knows of it's origin, please let me know!  I would like to give proper credit for this idea! Thanks!
The students take a 2"x3" piece of construction paper in the color of their choice and carefully tear it into three pieces.  Then they arrange the pieces on a sheet of drawing paper and glue them down.  The students then begin to draw a line around one of the pieces, following its shape.  When the line reaches where it began there are two choices.  One is to close the shape and start again to make a new line and continue this process.  The other choice is to continue the one line and spiral around.  The student may start tracing around the other pieces at any time.  When the line is about to collide with another shape the student can either stop and start again on the other side of the shape or go around both of the shapes.  This process is repeated until the paper is full.

Self-Portrait Collages

The fifth graders have been diligently working to complete these self-portraits.  They added color to them with tissue paper and Mod Podge.  We love Mod Podge in our art room!  This art project was a long one and I never thought I would see the end of the little tissue paper pieces all over the place day after day!  However, it was worth it!

Op Art Landscapes

This year the sixth graders have been learning about landscapes.  This design ties in with the landscape, yet brings a different twist: Op art!

Shades and Tints Landscapes

Sixth graders painted landscapes that have atmospheric perspective using three tints, pure color and a shade. I got this project idea from this blog: New Hope Art Gallery. Here are some of the results.