Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Barn Landscapes

Barn Landscapes in One Point Perspective

The 6th graders have recently completed a landscape project.  The purpose of this project was to teach the students how to draw a landscape that has depth.  They learned how to draw a building in one point perspective and we also explored the concept of atmospheric perspective. The colors that are in the distance seem to be less intense than colors that are closer.  The students also included objects appearing to be larger if they were closer and smaller if they were farther away.  Color was added with markers and crayons.  The students used the markers to outline and then applied water with a paint brush to spread around the color of the markers.  Although the students followed specific directions to draw their barns I encouraged them to make their landscape unique.  Each person created a different landscape by adding details of their own and I think they were a success!  

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