Friday, March 27, 2015

Student Learning Objectives (SLO's)

I wrote two Student Learning Objectives, one for 5th grade and one for 6th grade (those are the only two grades that I teach).  The 6th grade SLO was all about drawing a landscape that has depth.  Below are some of the lessons that I taught.  I would have liked to have more time with landscapes.  I had more planned but we were not able to get to it all.  One of these is a landscape painting using shades and tints to show atmospheric perspective.  I got the idea for the lesson here.   We weren't able to get finished with that one before assessments.  I blame all of that on snow days.  

If I write an SLO again about landscape drawing I am going to leave out one point perspective because I feel like that is a whole lesson in itself, aside from everything else I included.  

The 5th graders learned about drawing self-portraits.  We did a self-portrait collage by applying tissue paper with Mod Podge.  

The following are side-by-side pictures of pre-assessments and post assessments by the same students.
6th Grade Landscapes

5th Grade Self-Portraits

I hope this was of at least a little help to anyone who will be writing art SLO's next year.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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