Friday, October 31, 2014

Don't be a tool. Unless you're metal tooling.

The 6th graders at Berry Intermediate have been working on a metal foil tooling project.  We started out the year with learning about the elements of art by making a paper cube. Each side of the cube represented an element of art.  The cube, itself, represented form.  The cube project idea was given to me by a good friend, Carol Carver, an art teacher in the Princeton school district.  The cubes were a good way to introduce the elements of art, an appropriate prerequisite for the foil tooling project.   

 Materials: thick aluminum foil, drawing paper, pencils, India ink, black construction paper, wooden stylus tools and oil pastels.

The students were required to demonstrate use of line, shape, space, texture and color in this project.

Below are some photos of the process and finished product.

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