Sunday, March 2, 2014

Warrior's Choice: Magnetic Dots and Computer Time

A couple of posts ago I began showing you my collection of activities that are available for students when they finish projects and have a little time left until the end of art.  I call this Warrior's Choice.  Here are two more activities that are provided for Warrior's Choice.

I purchased this aboriginal art magnetic dot kit from one of the companies that I orders supplies from many moons ago.  I don't remember the exact company but it was one of either Blick Art Supplies, Sax Arts and Crafts or Crizmac.  Sorry I cannot be more specific!

There are two student computers in the art room.  I provide a list of websites students can visit.  The websites are on sticky labels on the computer and those are the only websites the students are allowed to go to for Warrior's Choice.  I tell them that what they do on the computer has to be art related and that is why I limit the websites.  has many activities and is probably the most visited out of all of these.

The last one is not directly art related, however relates to the the 6th graders' project on ancient Egyptian art.

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