Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art Show Selection

This is the first year that I have had my students keep portfolios.  Every time they finish a project instead of going home the project is placed in each student's portfolio.  Last week and next week (we are on spring break this week) the students are each selecting one piece of art work to be displayed in the district art show in May.  On the day of selection all portfolios are passed out and the students are asked to lay out all pieces of art on their table.  I then instruct the students to choose a piece of art work that represents their best work in the portfolio and turn it in by placing it on the table in the front of the room.  I have signs for each project so that while the students are turning in work I can see how many of each project I will have for that particular class.  If I see that there is a low number of a project or too many of something we can adjust for that.  So far this is going very well and the students are all making great choices of work to put in the art show.  The next step will be to mount and tag all of the art work.  Each class has a designated folder that I keep art work in to transport to and from the art show (the high school).  All of the 3-D work has been tagged and is packed in boxes ready to go!

 Here are some of my students' portfolios:


Here is the table where the students submit their art work


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